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The bidet is a basin close to the urinal, used to clean the lower body and anus after using the toilet. The purpose of the toilet bidet is to help you clean after using the toilet. Some people think that bidets are a substitute for toilet paper. The smart bidet toilet seat has multiple functions, such as seat heating, warm water cleaning, warm air drying, deodorization and so on. The electric bidet toilet seat is easy to operate and makes people feel comfortable. The automatic bidet toilet seat can change your life and improve your quality of life.

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Ensure that your body is completely clean and sanitary, while keeping the household use of toilet paper to a minimum, thanks to the advanced and innovative bidets in stock from MyHomeware. Making efficient use of water, and fitting into the modern bathroom, our selection of bidets boast stylish designs, ensuring that they don’t look out of place in the environment and match the existing décor.

To guarantee that you get the right bidet for your bathroom MyHomeware has a number of different types of bidet in stock including seat mounted systems, handheld, and spray. Maintain personal hygiene to the highest level thanks to the bidets and in wall toilets from MyHomeware. Shop for what you need, Get new bidets and make your bathroom comfortable and attractive.

Bidet Shower

Improve your personal hygiene while reducing your use of toilet paper thanks to the effective and efficient bidet shower additions from the homeware experts at MyHomeware. Sourced from leading industry manufacturers our selection of bidet showers have been designed for easy use and to reduce the amount of splashed water. With a controllable nozzle people can direct the jet of water according to their requirements. We provide advanced and innovative bidets, find and shop for your favorites.

The bidet is also known as the bidet seat. It comes in many styles and many materials. There are basically two types, electronic bidets and non electronic bidets. Along with our bidet showers, MyHomeware can provide a number of advanced products and bathroom accessories to bring out the best in the environment.

Bidet Spray

Have you been considering getting a bidet for your bathroom but aren’t sure about what style is best for your household? Find the best bidet for your home thanks to the innovative and modern products on offer from MyHomeware.

The bidet is also known as the bidet seat. The bidets are equipped with basin seats; the surface of basin seats is two parallel semi-circles and there are legs used to support the basin seats. Because there are basin seats in the bidets, the inconvenience caused by the squatting for a long time can be avoided when you take a bath. Therefore, the basin seats are conveniently used by the elderly or people with poor health.

Connected by a hose, bidet sprays allow for greater directional control and versatility than seat mounted varieties, making them a desirable alternative to other types of bidet. Whether you are after a better bidet or a floor waste that drains water fast, MyHomeware has what you’ve been searching for. Shop for what you need, Get new bidets and make your bathroom comfortable and attractive.

Is a Bidet for Men or Women?

Contrary to popular opinion the idea that bidets are strictly for use by women is completely untrue. Men can, and do, use bidets regularly. As long as they are needed and used responsibly every member of the household can use a bidet without fear or concern. We offer innovative and modern bidets, find and shop for your favorites.

What Are the Benefits of a Bidet?

As one new form of sanitary facilities, bidets are one of the new trends in Australia and the world. They are one new substitute for toilet paper. Some countries in the world are especially famous for using bidets: South Korea, Japan, Egypt, Greece, Italy, Spain, France, Portugal, Turkey, Argentina and other countries in the world. Those who buy bidets much prefer using bidets to using toilet paper. They believe take a bath is good for their health. Unlike toilet paper, which can lead to skin irritation and discomfort from multiple wipes, bidets use a jet of water to remove excess waste from the skin. This method helps prevent the development of rashes, inflammation, and other afflictions. See and shop for new bidets at MyHomeware. Improve your personal hygiene today thanks to the bidets from MyHomeware.