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Have the shower that is right for you and your comfort by getting an innovative handheld shower from the homeware supply experts at MyHomeware! Made to deliver optimal comfort and give users complete control over their shower experience our modern shower heads ensure that our customers clean every inch of their bodies without putting themselves at risk or becoming uncomfortable.

Able to be fixed on a rail or removed for greater personal control, our handheld showers are perfect for mobility-impaired customers, children, or others who want to feel as comfortable as possible washing and cleaning themselves.

Made for modern living, our high-quality selection of handheld shower attachments provide our customers across Australia with a way to save the water they use by efficiently controlling the direction of the flow. So, if you’re in Sydney, our handheld showers are the cost-effective solution you’ve been searching for!

What is a Good Psi for a Shower Head?

With increased knowledge of the impact of water wastage more and more homeowners are wanting more efficient ways to stay clean. With shower heads being more water-efficient the psi has remained consistent at 80 psi, ensuring that residents can clean themselves and the water isn’t too weak, resulting in longer or multiple showers.

At MyHomeware all of the showers we supply have been designed to optimally operate at 80 psi for showers that our customers can enjoy, day in and day out without fail.

Should You Install A Handheld Shower Yourself?

At MyHomeware we take pride in being able to supply our customers across Sydney and the rest of Australia with the best homewares on the market. Selected from leading manufacturers our collection of handheld showers are designed for their ease of use and effectiveness.

While registered plumbers should be consulted with before conducting any kind of plumbing installation works, handheld showers can be installed by homeowners looking to complete the job themselves. There are many guides online to lead the customer through the process step-by-step, however for the best and safest results, plumbers should be hired if you are unsure of what you are doing.

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