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The mirror is an indispensable part of the bathroom. If you’re considering get a mirror for the bathroom, we provide you with a wide range of sizes, shapes and styles bathroom mirrors here. There are not only bathroom vanity mirrors, wall mirrors, but also makeup mirrors. You can order bathroom mirrors online directly and we support ship our bath mirrors to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and all other locations across Australia. Get it for your home now!

Why choose MyHomeware Mirrors?

Firstly, industry-leading homeware suppliers. Committed to delivering the best bathroom wares and accessories the team at MyHomeware stock Australian best bathroom mirrors for increased customer satisfaction. You can enjoy crystal clear reflections in your home thanks to the beautiful and modern bathroom mirrors on offer at MyHomeware. And, highly-resilient and made for the contemporary home, our spotless and flawless makeup mirrors provide you with a clean and unimpeded reflection of their face, assisting with the application of cosmetics products. 

Secondly, a variety of categories, sizes of mirrors to choose from. Our mirrors come in a wide range of dimensions to suit homes of differing sizes and layouts. From traditional rectangular bathroom mirrors, to round, square, bevelled edge or oval bathroom mirrors, from large hung mirrors to small wall mirrors, form framed mirrors for bathroom to simple and frameless mirrors, mixes a classic mirror design with a minimalist aesthetic, and the smooth curves, which make our mirrors fit in any scene, such as makeup, dressing, decoration, shower, shaving, etc. Whether you are an indoor or outdoor type, your bathroom needs a mirror. MyHomeware mirrors can supply you with exactly what you need to complete your home. We follow up the latest ideas and hot info and provide premium bathroom mirrors to match your room. Usually the mirror is placed above the vanity. And the builders suggested that it should be backlit. 
Thirdly, available at a competitive price. Myhomeware provide the best price for your bathroom wall mounted mirrors. It's easy to find one in your price range for sure. Just sort them by price, from price low to price high, you can find your favorite in our warehouse with the most cheap bathroom mirrors at MyHomeware. Sometimes you can pay at a discount and get free shipping, which is cheaper than local stores. Now, search for cheap large wall mirrors and shop for new products at a good price.

At last, if you are in Sydney and need bathroom mirrors that are right for your home look no further than the team at MyHomeware for products that you don’t need to compromise on. Similarly, if you are in Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, and all other Australian cities, just open the Myhomeware online store, and search for the attributes of the mirror you want. Once the order is placed, we will arrange the delivery for you immediately. Don't worry about the mirror broken in the middle, we have the safest packaging and the best quality delivery service. 

Now, range widely in search of products at a good price. You will be satisfied with the results for sure.

FAQs about MyHomeware Mirrors

What Size Should a Bathroom Mirror Be?

You can compare the product with any brand. While there is no set dimension for bathroom mirror, within the industry it is generally accepted that, for the best results regarding layout, the mirror should be a few centimetres less than your sink area. By following this rule you can avoid having a mirror that completely dominates your bathroom and ruins the style that you have worked so hard to build.

How Do You Light a Bathroom Mirror?

Add some ambience to your bathroom, while making your mirror the standout at home by getting some lights installed around the frame, or underneath the mirror itself. Consulting with a certified electrician, Sydneysiders, and others across Australia can add light and colour to their bathroom with ease and without issue. Whether traditional bulb or globe lights, fluorescent tubes, or LED strips, lighting can make a great impact on the appearance of the bathroom and are an attractive addition. In addition, you can choose directly mirrors with LED light at MyHomeware.

To find out more about our stylish and functional products MyHomeware except the bathroom mirrors for sale, such as tapware, toilets, shower screens, and basin mixers, get in touch with us using the online help service in the bottom right corner. If you want to get a customized mirror plan, you can also contact us through the bottom right corner.