Bathroom Square Mirrors

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Do you want to make a bold statement with your bathroom? Are you wanting to customise your bathroom to better suit your personal tastes and desires? Bring out the best in your bathroom space for a competitive price thanks to the professional and passionate team at MyHomeware.

Made from high-quality materials and designed for the modern Australian home, our collection of bathroom square mirrors give homeowners the surface they need to see the details of their face when brushing their hair, cleaning their teeth, or washing their face.

Available in a selection of different dimensions to cater for the size and layout of our customer’s bathrooms, residents in Sydney wanting bathroom square mirrors that last can put their faith in the competitively-priced options on offer from MyHomeware. For more information about the difference our products make get in touch with us using the chat widget in the bottom right corner.

Should a Bathroom Mirror Be Wider Than the Sink?

Do you want to ensure that your bathroom remains aesthetically pleasing and consistent? Make sure that your bathroom mirror is right for your bathroom thanks to the advice and guidance on offer from MyHomeware.

Generally speaking, the bathroom square mirror should not be wider than the vanity unit or the sink as it will give off a top-heavy or uneven appearance, ruining the flow and layout of the bathroom and just looking odd. By keeping the mirror to just smaller, or in line with, the top of the sink you can avoid having a bathroom space that just doesn’t feel right.

How Should You Hang the Square Mirror?

Prevent your mirror from crashing to the floor by ensuring that it is safely secured to the wall. Made of very heavy materials bathroom mirrors can present a hazard if they are not installed correctly. Instead of decorative or small mirrors that can be installed by string or a length of wire, large and heavy square mirrors must be affixed via a combination of screws and adhesive to prevent them falling from the wall.

Whether you are after square, round, or vanity mirrors, or you want a new toilet for your bathroom, MyHomeware is the team you can trust. Bring out the best in your property by speaking to our professionals today!