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600x600x5mm Round Plain Bathroom Mirror Bevel Edge Wall Mounted 600x600x5mm Round Plain Bathroom Mirror Bevel Edge Wall Mounted
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600x600x5mm Round Plain Bathroom Mirror Bevel Edge Wall Mounted

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Do you want a mirror for your bathroom that stands out from the others? Make your bathroom your own without having to spend an exorbitant amount thanks to the premium-quality and competitively-priced products and solutions available from the team at MyHomeware.

Boasting a number of features including bevel edges, anti-rust edging, and a smooth and spot-free surface, our selection of bathroom round mirrors help give bathrooms in Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne a sense of style and character that would otherwise not exist. Made for the modern bathroom and home in mind our round bathroom mirrors fit into any décor or layout, while bringing their own class to the space.

Are Large Bathroom Round Mirrors Out of Style?

Don’t be prevented from getting the mirror you’ve always wanted because you’ve been told it is too big for your bathroom, make the choice that’s right for you and your bathroom space thanks to the team at MyHomeware.

While you may have heard that large bathroom mirrors can only be placed in bathrooms of a certain size this is not true. If you are wanting a bathroom mirror that makes a statement or is a focal piece in your bathroom then the larger the mirror the better.

How Do You Remove a Bathroom Mirror?

Whether you are looking to remodel your bathroom, or update your mirror with one of a different style or size, great care and consideration must be taken to avoid damage to your bathroom or your existing mirror.

By covering the mirror with heavy-duty packing tape you can help prevent accident breakage or damage to the surface of the mirror. Additionally, if the mirror feels too heavy for one person to lift then it is.

Insert wooden wedges or shims between any gaps that exist between the mirror and the wall and gentle start working the mirror away while ensuring it is supported. Once the mirror has been separated from the wall remove it with great care and without rushing to ensure it remains intact.

If you are in Sydney and want a bathroom round mirror, towel racksshower screens, or a grate drain, MyHomeware is the team you can trust. Bring out the best in your property by speaking to our professionals today!