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Find the right vanity for your bathroom thanks to the wealth of options available from the industry-leading homeware suppliers at MyHomeware. Having supplied the best homewares to homeowners across Australia for years we have developed a wide range of premium products for all rooms of the house, from kitchen sinks to freestanding vanity units.

Stylish, easy to install, and made to meet the décor and aesthetic of the contemporary bathroom and home, our selection of freestanding vanity units provide a surface for the basin sink and tapware, while also offering ample storage space in the cabinet underneath. Additionally, freestanding vanities hide the plumbing from the sink elegantly, improving the design of the bathroom.

Are Floating Vanities Sturdy?

While it may seem that floating, or wall hung vanity units are flimsy being hung from the wall, the opposite is true. Conforming to industry standards and safety requirements, floating vanities are firmly anchored to the wall with brackets that have been accurately installed into the wall.

Slotting into these brackets the floating vanity does not shift and is able to maintain its height without falling from the wall or presenting a hazard for homeowners.

What is a Freestanding Sink?

Like the name suggests, freestanding sinks and vanities are units that are separate from the wall, standing detached from the wall completely. Because they are not supported by the wall these units are propped on solid legs and well-balanced, ensuring that they don’t present a tip hazard.

So, if you are in Sydney, our freestanding vanity units are right for your home. To speak to our team about our collection of beautiful vanity basins, colourful brushed gold tapware, or other advanced homewares, get in touch with us using the chat widget in the bottom right corner.