Black Shower Grates

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Do you want to take your bathroom or shower environment to the next level? Give your bathroom its own sense of style and character thanks to the modern and aesthetically-designed black floor wastes from MyHomeware.

Designed specifically for the modern bathroom and home, our black floor grates are made to quickly drain excess water, reducing the chance of injury from slipping on wet tiles. While we are based in Sydney, our black floor wastes can be quickly delivered to Melbourne, Brisbane, and elsewhere throughout Australia with minimal waiting times.

Sitting level with the floor, black floor wastes don’t interfere with the design or layout of the shower or shower screen, allowing homeowners to enjoy their bathroom without negatively impacting the décor.

How Do You Clean Floor Drains?

Starting off small and unnoticed, obstructions in the floor drain can lead to flooding and prevent waste water from draining from the floor. By using a mixture of equal parts vinegar and baking soda homeowners can clear most blockages in not only floor drains, but laundry and kitchen stone sinks.

Can You Pour Bleach Down a Floor Drain?

While it may see like the fastest and easiest way to clean pipes and drains and clear obstructions, the highly-toxic nature of bleach can cause extensive damage to the pipes and drains without removing the blockage. For the best results use the above-mentioned mixture of vinegar and baking soda.