Wall Hung Basins

Wall hung basins are of great help to maximize the space of bathroom as they are mounted to wall. 

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What is a wall hung basin?

In small bathrooms or powder rooms, there is often not enough room to fit a full vanity. But no matter what, a sink is an essential fixture in the room. That's where wall mount bathroom sinks come in. Wall mount bathroom sinks mount directly to the wall, taking up remarkably little room yet still being fully functional fixtures.

Which wall material is suitable for wall hung basins?

You’ll want to make sure you choose a solid wall for your wall mounted basin, as the load it must bear adequate support like fixings and drills. If your wall is only a stud partition, it is unlikely that it will be strong enough to support wall hangings of this weight or size. While the small size of a wall sink makes DIY a tempting prospect, it is recommended that you get a plumber to do the actual work for you, especially if you need to move pipes from an existing basin to a new location or are installing concealed piping.