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MyHomeware offer a large range of high-quality floor waste for your bathroom or laundry. You can find here a various sizes, shapes and materials floor waste drain to meet your needs, such as square black brass, square chrome brass, matte stainless steel floor waste, etc. 

Choose the right floor waste for your home at MyHomeware now.

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Why choose MyHomeware Floor Waste drain?

MyHomeware team provides you with modern and innovative products at reasonable prices to keep your bathroom or laundry room floor dry.

Combined with the progress and development of drainage technology, such as moulded plastic, waterproof membranes, and a dish drain design, our floor drain set can easily and quickly drain large amounts of water, such as water spilled during bathing or washing. 

MyHomeware floor drains has a reasonable price and is very suitable for installation in Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney and other Australian cities. Along with our modern and stylish floor wastes, MyHomeware supplies a number of other cutting-edge and exceptional bathroom accessories at a good price that are easy to install and will transform the way you live for less. 

We provide premium floor waste drain items. You can buy the whole kit in need. No matter what style you need, please browse the content on our page, you can find the best in our warehouse. Moreover, our commercial products have a long service life. Sometimes we have promotion and free shipping. 

Frequently asked questions about floor waste

What is a Floor Waste?

A floor waste is a specially-designed drain that is made to safely remove the larger volumes of waste water that are produced while you take a bath. By allowing more water to flow into the drain, floor wastes help prevent overflow from spilling into the bathroom. In view of reasonable price, along with our floor wastes, MyHomeware have a wide range of products at a good price for all rooms of the house, including efficient sink mixers. Range widely in search of and shop for floor wastes at a good price. You can sort products by price, from price low to price high. It's easy to find one in your price range.

How do you install floor waste?

1. Find a Location for the Floor Drain; 2. Create Access to Drainage; 3. Cut a Hole in the Laundry Room Floor; 4. Install the Drain in the Floor; 5. Install an Extender Pipe to the Drain Assembly; 6. Install the P-Trap; 7. Cut Into the End-Point Drainage Pipe; 8. Install the Pipe to the ABS Tee.

Why does my floor waste smell?

Floor drains, much like the drains underneath your interior sinks, have a u-shaped pipe underneath them, called a P-trap. A P-trap serves a few different purposes, but the most important one for your floor drains is to create a water barrier so as to prevent drain odors, or insect issues from the adjacent sewer system. If you smell a funny stench or odor coming from your floor drain, it's very likely your P-trap is dry. Simply pour a few gallons of water to re-establish the proper water barrier. You can add a small amount of vinegar to help remove any persistent odors.

Are floor drains required?

Required. Any building or structure in which plumbing fixtures or piping is installed in or under a concrete floor to accommodate fixtures on the level of the concrete floor shall have at least one trapped and vented floor drain. Additional floor drains shall be required if the installation of fixtures and appurtenances requires the use of floor drains. In a multi-family dwelling, each unit shall have a floor drain if fixtures and appurtenances installed in the dwelling require the use of a floor drain.