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Find the right style for your bathroom thanks to the expressive and innovative selection of wall hung vanity units from MyHomeware. Slotting into brackets on the wall, wall hung vanity units offer a unique vanity unit option that appears to float just off the floor.

Made from high-quality materials and available at affordable prices, our beautiful and elegant wall hung vanity units transform the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom, as well as its value. Sydney locals wanting a wall hung vanity they can trust to deliver years of service can trust the team at MyHomeware.

Not just limited to wall hung vanities, MyHomeware proudly stocks a range of products to improve every aspect of the house, including intelligent toilets.

What Height Should a Wall Hung Vanity Be?

With the varying standing heights in wall hung vanity units, the installation height of the unit differs radically. When planning the installation of the vanity you should consider the overall height you want it, and how much space underneath you want. For example: if your unit stands at 50 cm but you want an overall height of 80cm, you need 30cm of space beneath. If you had a standard vanity basinthat sits on the ground then install it according to the instructions.

What Are Floating Vanities?

Another name for wall hung vanities, floating vanities are so named because being wall hung gives the vanity unit the appearance that it is floating off of the floor. Allowing for increased storage space underneath and having a large amount of aesthetic value, floating vanities upgrade your bathroom’s décor to your tastes.