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Bathroom cabinets are cabinets for storing items in the bathroom. When you are looking for bathroom cabinets for sale, be sure to choose a good quality bathroom cabinet. Good quality bathroom cabinets have a long service life. We provide you with all kinds of bathroom cabinet designs. Floating bathroom cabinets are not only good looking, but also very practical and easy to clean. The wooden cabinet for bathroom with waterproof treatment is beautiful and fashionable, and can be used with confidence in the bathroom.

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When you need to organize your home, MyHomeware makes it easy by offering a wide range of products at a low price. Our products are available as freestanding or wall-mounted / floating units. With a wide range of colors and styles, you are sure to complement your home decor with the right product. Please search for your favorite product. Shop for the product that meets your needs at a good price. You can sort products from price low to price high. You can also sort products from price high to price low.

Thanks to MyHomeware you can enjoy the top product that does not have high price tags on it. Please update your home with stylish and functional products from MyHomeware. Choose an elegant cabinet with a top or mix and match our bathroom cabinets without top with our selection of cabinet top ( ceramic top, poly top, stone top, and timber top) and pop up wastes. If you're looking for something more unique you can get custom made products from us, enhancing your home with a new cabinet at a low price has never been so easy. Look and search for the product at MyHomeware. You can compare the product to a wide range of brands.

Freestanding bathroom cabinets

In case you are on the lookout for freestanding bathroom cabinets for your home, this collection will also make it possible for you to choose from among a wide range of sizes, colours, and styles of such products. Freestanding bathroom cabinets offer versatility and convenience, since there are so many styles and sizes from which to choose. A fantastic range of furniture you can choose from to suit your tastes and needs at a low price, whatever they may be. Thanks to MyHomeware you can enjoy the product of high quality that does not have high price tags on it. Please search for your favorite product. Shop for the product that meets your needs at a good price.

Wall hung / floating bathroom cabinets

They’re ultra-modern. Wall hung / floating cabinets offer efficient storage while not cramming your home. The main advantage is that they are great space savers, especially if you have a small bathroom. Wall mounting frees floor space, creating an illusion of more space, which is really important in a small bathroom that can easily look cluttered. 

A Wall hung cabinet tends to have a more contemporary appearance. Without legs, the cabinet becomes more streamlined and slightly more minimalistic in design, and easy to clean underneath. Look and search for the product at MyHomeware. You can compare the product to a wide range of brands.

Cabinet in Bathroom

In our home, some of the space will at first be used for storage. The bathroom cabinet has a storage function, which can make the storage of items easy.

Ceramic tops on cabinets are relatively easy to clean. Glass tops on cabinets are easily adhered by soap water and difficult to clean. For stainless steel cabinets, the sound of running water is louder. Microcrystalline stone cabinets are easily scratched by hard objects. The Wall-Hung cabinet requires the wall to be a load-bearing wall or a solid brick wall. This type of cabinet is suspended underneath, which is easy to take care of the floor. In addition, it can effectively prevent moisture from extending into the cabinet. Thermal insulation walls and lightweight partitions cannot be installed with such products. There is not much difference between a free-standing cabinet and a wall-hung cabinet, that is, there is no requirement for the wall, but it is not easy to take care of, and it is prone to moisture.

The colour of the cabinets is even more diverse, and the white cabinets are still the mainstream. The white cabinets create the elegance and cleanliness of the bathroom. White cabinets are beautiful and pleasant, revealing comfort and calmness. The entire colour tone is seamlessly integrated with the colour of the white bathroom cabinet. For more information about our modern and exciting products and how these products are perfect for a contemporary home please get in touch with us using the chat widget in the bottom right corner.

How do you measure for bathroom cabinets?

On the market, the most common standard sizes of bathroom cabinets are 800mm-1000mm in length and 450mm-500mm in width. The mirror is generally installed in the middle of the cabinet, with each side indented by 50 to 100mm, and the height is about 250mm. The distance between the cabinet surface and the ground is about 800-850 mm. The installation of the mirror should be based on the height and habits of the owner. It is most suitable for the person to stand in front and head in the middle of the mirror.

What are most bathroom cabinets made of?

At present, the materials of bathroom cabinets are solid wood, PVC and stainless steel. The advantages of solid wood are environmental protection, hard texture, suitable for all kinds of carvings. The advantage of PVC is that the material is lightweight, waterproof and moisture-proof, and will not crack. The advantages of stainless steel are waterproof, moisture-proof and durable, but the styles are simple and lack beauty.

How do I choose bathroom cabinets?

First of all, before choosing bathroom cabinets, we need to measure the size of the bathroom cabinet to be placed. We need to know about the materials of the bathroom cabinet. We need to consider whether the water will splash out when washing our hands. Of course, we need to consider the price. Finally, when buying bathroom cabinets, we need to consider the purpose and style of the bathroom cabinet.