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Be comfortable in your home and with your facilities thanks to the homeware supply solutions on offer from the experts at MyHomeware. Having worked in the industry for years our team proudly stock homeware products that not only fulfil their purpose, but encompass the latest design aesthetics, styles, and trends to ensure that our toilet suites look the best that they can, and don’t detract from your home’s interior décor or design.

Making efficient use of water and comfortable, our combination toilet suites boast an elegant design and are perfect for installation in bathrooms, the ensuite, or self-contained rooms. Available for well-below industry prices, our selection of products, from toilet suites to black floor mixers, are of the highest quality and appearance.

What is a Closed Back Toilet?

Incorporating the latest advances in plumbing technology and developments closed back toilets are an efficient, effective, and reliable toilet system to have in the modern home. Sitting back against the wall the closed back toilets conceal all the plumbing underneath the toilet bowl, giving it a smooth and appealing appearance.

This ultra-modern style of toilet is well-suited for installation in contemporary environments. Whether installed by itself, or in the same space as a bathroom vanity unit, the closed back toilet fits in nicely with the existing décor or layout.

What is a Link Suite Toilet?

Link suite toilets are toilet systems that differ from other varieties of domestic toilet due the separation of the pan from the cistern. Linked together by a pipe this separation allows for alterations and replacements to be made to adjust the positioning of the toilet for greater comfort.

If you are in Sydney our toilet suites are perfect for your home.