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Are you looking to reduce your impact on the environment? Do you want to cut back on household waste and the costs associated with purchasing toilet paper? Consider making the choice to upgrade to an intelligent toilet from the homeware supply professionals at MyHomeware!

Designed to assist with cleanliness and hygiene, our range of intelligent toilets add bidet functionality through an adjustable spout attached just under the rim of the toilet seat. By running off of the water in the cistern the intelligent toilet does not need to be plugged into an electrical outlet, preventing you from having to pay more on your electricity bill.

By using one of our easy-to-use intelligent toilets Sydney residents, and others throughout Australia, can avoid putting their health at risk and minimise their use and overuse of toilet paper Cost-effective and water-efficient, our intelligent toilets are the must-have addition to the modern home.

Smart Toilet

Have you been searching for a better and more efficient toilet? Customers in Sydney looking for an intelligent toilet can find exactly what they are in need of and for the best price possible thanks to the advanced and effective products on offer from MyHomeware.

Boasting a number of unique and intuitive features to improve toilet usage and reduce the amount of wasted water and toilet paper our smart toilets offer homeowners a more economical waste removal installation that will soon be an integral part of the household.

Designed for use by anyone, Sydney residents in need of a smart toilet can get theirs from us without having to think twice. Durable, easy to install, and made for comfort, our smart toilets come with a number of outstanding features including heated seats, cleaning nozzles for men and women, and the ability to use water more efficiently than standard toilets.

Should I Upgrade My Toilet?

Is your toilet showing signs of ageing? Are your water bills steadily getting higher and an overflushing toilet is to blame? If you’ve answered “yes” to either of these questions then it is time to seriously consider getting a new toilet for your home.

While you can keep using a kitchen benchtop that is stained or has scratches, a toilet is something that you don’t need to be attached to. If it is costing you money, replace! With so many modern alternatives to traditional toilets on the market there has never been a better time to upgrade your toilet to a more comfortable model that better suits the needs of your household.

Do Smart Toilets Save Money?

Are you wanting to save money on water bills? Cut back the costs of running the house by considering the purchase of a smart toilet! Able to use less per flush thanks to innovative and intuitive programming smart toilets can greatly reduce the amount of your water bills. However, smart toilets do operate on electricity so the amount your energy bills changes is based on how heavily or regularly you use the smart toilet and how you choose to operate it.

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