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As necessary to a house as a front door, homeowners need to make sure they make the right choice when looking for a toilet. If they rush the decision they can find themselves with a toilet that is the wrong size, inefficient, or costs them money through using too much water per flush.

Committed to providing all of our customers with the best homewares on the market the knowledgeable and professional team at MyHomeware have a wide range of effective and modern toilets available for purchase at competitive prices.

Boasting innovative designs and configurations our toilets are made to last and match the aesthetics of your home. So if you are in Sydney and need a better toilet get in touch with the helpful and friendly team at MyHomeware today for the best toilets at the best prices.

Black Toilet

Don’t be stuck with a run-of-the-mill toilet that clashes with your bathroom’s décor: upgrade to a black toilet from MyHomeware! Coated in evocative and scratch-resistant matte black paint our black toilets give your bathroom a contemporary edge that is full of character, class, and a style all of its own.

Easy to clean and maintain, Sydney residents wanting a black toilet can breathe easy knowing that they won’t take on a dirty or grimy appearance through continued use. Made from strong ceramics and a minimalist design the selection of black toilets from MyHomeware do not look old or outdated and will last for decades without losing their appeal.

What Are the Different Types of Toilet?

Before choosing a toilet it is important that homeowners make an informed choice to ensure that they aren’t left with a toilet that is wrong for the needs of the household, or the dimensions of their bathroom or restroom.

Having worked in the industry for years MyHomeware knows too well that choosing a toilet can be a complex and time-consuming task. To assist with this we have listed all the types of toilet on the market:

  • Flushing toilet
  • One-piece toilet
  • Two-piece toilet
  • Upflush toilet
  • Compact toilet
  • Corner toilet
  • Wall-mounted toilet
  • Square toilet
  • Elongated toilet
  • Round-bowl toilet
  • Tankless toilet
  • Pressure-assist toilet
  • Gravity toilet
  • Touchless toilet
  • Dual flush toilet
  • Smart toilet
  • Intelligent toilet

Which is Better, Round or Elongated Toilet?

Did you know that there are different bowl types for your toilet? While the industry standard for toilet bowls in Australia is the elongated toilet, in other countries round bowled toilets are commonly used, particularly in the United States.

When it comes down to it the difference between the two is merely cosmetic and a matter of comfort over anything else. Being wider than an elongated toilet, round toilets are larger and take up more space than an elongated toilet.

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