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Make your shower more efficient and streamlined thanks to the unique and exceptional products and solutions on offer from the experts at MyHomeware. As one of Australia’s leading homeware suppliers our passionate and hands-on team proudly stock premium and aesthetically-pleasing homewares to bring out the beauty in your home.

Combining both the hot and cold taps into one fixture, wall mixer taps provide shower-users with an easier way to control the temperature and the flow of the water with slight alterations to the lever. This ensures that there isn’t time spent wasted twisting two different taps. On top of convenience the stylish wall mixer taps we stock come in a number of vibrant designs that are full of personality and class.

Based in Sydney our shower mixer taps and wall mixer taps can be delivered to homeowners in Melbourne, Brisbane and elsewhere throughout Australia, allowing us to improve the look, feel, and functionality of homes of all sizes and styles.

Shower Taps & Mixers

Are the taps in your shower starting to show their age? Have you once-stylish and trendy shower restored to its former glory and appeal thanks to the in-demand and efficient solutions and tapware on offer from the experts at MyHomeware!

Made for ease of use and to encourage less wastage of shower water our collection of shower taps and mixers are resistant to corrosion from water and keep their colour. Plated in spotless and protective colours including rose gold, matte black, and chrome, there is something for everyone, and every taste in décor, in our modern shower mixers and taps.

Not just limited to shower taps and mixers, MyHomeware can also supply freestanding bath mixers, and other exceptional bathroom tapware for competitive prices to bring out the best in Australian bathrooms.

In Wall Mixer

Reduce the profile of your shower’s tapware by considering the luxurious and elegant selection of in wall mixers on offer from the team at MyHomeware! Operating on the same design as standard mixer taps our range of in wall mixers are installed on the wall of the shower, allowing shower users to effectively change the temperature and low of the water coming out of the shower head according to their desires and comfort.

Available at competitive prices, our in wall shower mixers are within the budget for homeowners from all walks of life, ensuring that they can update their bathroom according with industry trends in design and décor.

Don’t be left with a sub-par fittings and fixtures, improve the comfort, flow, and style of your bathroom and shower thanks to the exceptional solutions from MyHomeware.

Why is my Tap Handle Leaking?

One of the biggest headaches for a homeowner, a leaking tap can lead to sleepless nights, worry about the condition of pipes and drains, and increased water bills. Avoid these issues and enjoy peace of mind by getting that leak fixed.

Often caused by a worn rubber o-ring (commonly known as a washer) the leaking tap handle can be rectified by replacing this small but necessary component. Requiring the entire tap to be removed to replace, the washer should only be replaced by a trained plumber, or a homeowner who has the knowledge to rectify it without causing damage to the tap or the mixer.

How High Should Wall Mounted Mixers Be?

Are you wanting your mixer to be in the best position possible? Ensure that all members of the household can reach the mixer with comfort and confidence by having it installed at the right height. While there is no standard height, the best height is at roughly 80-90cm from the floor of the shower.

Don’t take chances with the layout and style of your shower or bathroom, find exactly what you are looking for, or find the perfect inspiration, thanks to the unique and stylish solutions from MyHomeware. To take advantage of our premium products, including stone sinks, get in touch with us using the chat widget in the bottom right corner.