Golden Kitchen/Laundry Mixer Tap

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Brushed Yellow Gold 360° Swivel Pull Out Kitchen Sink Mixer Tap Double Spout Solid Brass

$419.00 $269.00
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Norico Esperia Brushed Yellow Gold Solid Brass Tall Sink Mixer Tap for kitchen

$659.00 $439.00
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Norico Round Brushed Yellow Gold 360° Swivel Pull Out Kitchen Sink Mixer Tap

$619.00 $549.00
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Norico Round Brushed Yellow Gold Kitchen Sink Mixer Tap 360° Swivel

$399.00 $349.00
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Are you wanting to give your kitchen its own personality? Do you want to add colour and style to your kitchen environment that matches your own personal tastes? Make your kitchen your own thanks to the modern and aesthetically-appealing solutions and products on offer from the professionals at MyHomeware!

Rich in texture and colour, and immediately eye-catching, our selection of rose gold kitchen tapware helps homeowners install character and class in their kitchen. Seamlessly coated with a beautiful rose gold finish our kitchen tapware brings elegance and sophistication to the kitchen, while complementing the home as a whole.

Available in a range of styles, our kitchen tapware accentuates, and adds to, the layout of the kitchen and is made to withstand daily use by all members of the household. Take your kitchen to the next level thanks to the advanced and innovative tapware products on offer from MyHomeware!

Brushed Gold Kitchen Tapware

Don’t be stuck with a standard and boring set of taps in your kitchen thanks to the full of character and modern products and solutions on offer from the professionals at MyHomeware! With our years of industry experience and training we can supply cutting-edge tapware that is the seamless combination of form and function.

Boasting a unique and detail coating, our selection of standout brushed gold kitchen tapware can elevate your kitchen from drab to fab, brightening it up and adding colour to the space as a whole.

Made for modern living and contemporary homes our tapware comes in a range of unique designs to further add a unique touch and appearance to homes throughout Australia. Make the right choice for your kitchen thanks to the high-quality options from MyHomeware!

What is a Sink Mixer?

At MyHomeware we strive to provide our valued customers with the highest-quality tapware, and kitchen and bathroom accessories on the market today. With our goal to increase the efficiency of bathrooms, kitchens, and laundries across Australia our team can supply you with the best products you need to bring out the best in your home for a competitive price.

Combining both hot and cold water taps, sink mixers allow users to control the temperature of the water coming out of the spout with ease and convenience. On top of temperature control, sink mixers allow our customers to increase or decrease the level of flow.

What is a Mixer Tap Faucet?

With many cultures around the world, fixtures and taps are known by many different names. While commonly known as a tap in Australia, the faucet is the name that sink mixers go by in other countries.