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Do you want a set of Tapware with Gunmetal paint that matches your personal tastes or your home décor? Make an impression with the opulent, elegant, and modern tapware, sink mixers, and other items of bathroom supplies from the experts at MyHomeware.
Pentro Round Gunmetal Grey Kitchen Sink Mixer Tap 360° Swivel Pentro Round Gunmetal Grey Kitchen Sink Mixer Tap 360° Swivel
available on 31 Jan

Pentro Round Gunmetal Grey Kitchen Sink Mixer Tap 360° Swivel

$329.00 $279.00
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The Cool Look of Gunmetal Tapware

Being Striking, strong, and bold, our range of gunmetal tapware helps homeowners throughout Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane match up to their kitchen, bathroom, or laundry styles at an affordable price. Operating on different designs, our gunmetal tapware is made to increase the comfort of users and save money by improving the water-consuming efficiency.
You can try various shapes of tap finished with gunmetal grey. Why not try some mixer taps in a round square shape, waterfall faucets in curve and cylinder shower mixers with pin lever handle? There are plenty of fancy and luxurious designs for Gunmetal Grey Tapware.   

FAQ about Gunmetal Tapware

What Are the Different Types of Tap?

As one of the leading businesses in homeware products and solutions, MyHomeware is well aware that there is more than just one type of tap. On top of the industry-standard mixer variety, tapware is available in the pillar, disc, ball, and monoblock styles.

Why Are Taps Made of Brass?

The reason why the overwhelming amount of taps are made from brass is that brass is more malleable than iron or steel. Requiring less heat and pressure to shape than other types of metal, the production costs of tapware is kept down as brass is easier to shape and mold to specific shapes, sizes, and designs.

Do you like the gunmetal grey finished tapware? To take advantage of our premium products, not just the tapware, but also stone sinks, basins. You can get every bathroom supply at MyHoware. 
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