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A good and comfortable bath experience is largely determined by the bathroom tap. Besides the design and basic effluent appearance of the tap, its quality and efficacy will also matter if you can get a good bath.

You can easily finds different types of bathroom taps on the market, such as antique style, Victorian style, modern, simple, British, coloured, posh, fancy, and many more. The question is, how to find a good bathroom tap that suits you most? What you should concern about when you look for a good-quality tap?

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Tips for choosing a good quality bathroom taps 

1.First, you should concern about the tap material. Because the material will determine its service life. Good material guarantees that you can use the tap for more than ten years. Nowadays, many materials like titanium alloy, copper chrome plating, stainless steel chrome plating, aluminum alloy chrome plating, iron chrome plating, etc. are used for making bathroom taps. So you may feel confused when selecting a good tap.

Brass bathroom tap with chrome plated is no doubt a good choice. It should be noted that brass taps is easy to form patina. Patina is a natural tarnish that forms on the surface of brass and other metals. If you prefer to maintain the shine on your new brass taps they will need to be polished. Myhomeware bathroom taps have durable solid brass and Chrome finished, which can be your best choice for a long-life and practical usage.

2.Second, you should pay attention to the water saving of the taps. Most built-in valve cores of faucets on the market are made of steel ball valves and ceramic valves. The steel ball valve has the characteristics of durability and pressure resistance. But the sealing rubber ring is easy to wear and age. In contrary, the ceramic valve has good sealing properties, and feels more comfortable and smooth, especially the resistance to opening times is high. When purchasing water-saving faucets, it is advisable to choose green steel made of stainless steel and copper. These materials are not easy to rust. Copper faucets also have the effect of sterilization and disinfection.

3.Third, for the design part. We are more inclined to choose simple and modern all-match styles, which can prevent your taps from appearing too abrupt in the bathroom. You can choose from the color to reflect the style of your bathroom. There are luxury gold, matte black, brushed nickel, chrome-plated silver, etc. to meet your different needs. Matte black bathroom taps are the more popular ones in recent years.

4.Last but not the least, price will also be the most concerned factor. We all tend to choose cost-effective taps sets that can last for a long time. Ensure you can get good bathroom taps with fine prices, MyHomeware provides you with various bathroom taps ranging in price from $59 to $649. Available at an affordable price, our bathroom taps are ready to be supplied to customers across Australia and with differing budgets. The products are of high quality and all include a 5-year warranty.

Why choose MyHomeware bathroom taps?

MyHomeware is a professional and quality bathroom taps and accessories provider, you can find easily bathroom sink taps, bathroom basin taps, bathroom mixer taps, bathroom shower taps, etc. with the cheapest solution to improve your bathroom experience. With its craftsmanship and high quality, we are chosen by many customers. Our Bathroom Taps are shipped to Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane and all other locations across Australia. All products of MyHomeware include a 5-year warranty, we are your most trusted provider.

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FAQ about Bathroom Taps

What is a Bathroom Mixer Taps?

Increase the control that you have over the flow and pressure of the water coming out of your taps, as well as its temperature, thanks to the efficient and advanced design of modern bathroom mixer. Operated by a lever-controlled system bathroom mixer combine both hot and cold taps into a single fixture, allowing for ease of use and optimal control. Search for your favorite products. Shop for the product that meets your needs at a good price. Committed to delivering the highest quality supplies to improve the modern household MyHomeware has a wide range of unique tapware to help our customers complete their bathroom according to their specific desires and requirements.

How do I remove and replace shower taps?

STEP 1: TURN OFF WATER. Turn off your water supply at the mains which is usually located at the front of your property. Once your mains are off, turn on your existing taps and drain any water left in the pipes. STEP 2: UNDO INDICATOR CAP. Start by undoing the indicator cap at the top of the tap. Some taps will have an additional screw under the cap which you will need your screwdriver or allen key to undo. Once the cap is off, remove the handle and unscrew the cover plate. STEP 3: REMOVE SPINDLE. Now it’s time to remove the spindle. Here’s a tip, have your tap in the open position as it will make it easier to remove the spindle. STEP 4: PUT NEW SPINDLE IN. Now simply reverse those steps. Put the new spindle in, cover plate, handle on and the indicator cap. Your new taps will be in place in no time at all. STEP 5: TURN WATER ON. Turn the water back on at the mains and run the water for about a minute to clear the pipes.

Are Bathroom Mixer Taps a Standard Size?

For increased convenience and ease of installation, the majority of mixer taps and tapware on the market are of the same dimensions, allowing customers to enjoy a streamlined and stress-free installation and connection process from start to finish.