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Having supplied superior products for installation in Australian homes for years the team at MyHomeware know the difference that our homewares can make to the look and feel of the property. Rich in texture and appearance a black kitchen sink is the perfect addition to the contemporary kitchen.

Breaking up the clean white lines and muted tones commonly found in today’s kitchens, our affordable black kitchen sinks are elegant, and exude opulence and luxury. Whether you are in Melbourne, Brisbane, or Sydney our black kitchen sinks transform your living space to your tastes. Perfectly complemented by our rose gold tapware, homeowners can find all they need to upgrade their kitchen at MyHomeware.

To learn more about our black kitchen sinks, vanity units, or basins, get in touch with us using the chat widget in the bottom right corner.

Are Black Kitchen Sinks a Good Idea?

Resilient, reliable, and made to withstand modern household needs and use, black stone kitchen sinks are a worthwhile addition to the home. Rising in popularity next to stainless steel and porcelain varieties black kitchen sinks add an unmistakable depth and character to otherwise lacking spaces. One of the advantages of black sinks over steel and porcelain is that dirt and scratches are less visible on the surface, making it a more desirable option for homeowners. Along with our black laundry sinks, our black kitchen sinks will change the way you view your home, and for an affordable price.

Do Composite Granite Sinks Stain?

Formed under extremely high levels of heat and pressure composite granite sinks can handle an extreme amount of punishment and use. Resistant to heat, scratching and chipping, and stains, the non-porous design and composition of composite granite sinks ensures that they keep their colour and integrity for decades without fail.