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Make a statement with your kitchen thanks to the premium-quality and stylish homeware solutions on offer from the experts at MyHomeware. Since opening our doors we have aimed to provide the best granite and stone sinks on the market for installation in Australian homes.

No matter the style, décor, or layout of the property, Sydney locals wanting granite sinks at competitive prices can find what they are looking for from MyHomeware. Expressive, textured, and rich in character our granite sinks bring a touch of nature to your home and are built to last.

Along with our granite sinks, MyHomeware has a range of unique and modern products to complement the sink, including responsive brushed basin mixers.

Stone Sinks

Do you want a new sink that is rock-solid and can withstand daily use? Get the right stone sink for the right price by trusting the industry professionals at MyHomeware. Resilient, engineered, and available in square, rectangular, and circular styles, stone sinks are a reliable alternative for homeowners who want something more than a stainless steel sink.

By having a stone sink in the kitchen, homeowners can add a level of depth, character, and style to their home for an affordable price. So, whether you want to improve your bathroom, kitchen, or want a better laundry sink, the stone sinks from MyHomeware are right for you!

How Durable is a Granite Sink?

Formed under pressure, granite stone sinks are able to withstand a tremendous amount of stress. Non-porous, scratch-resistant, and very easy to clean and maintain, granite sinks will hold their colour and shape for decades without losing their shine or style.

Thanks to being non-porous, granite sinks can have surface spills cleaned extremely easy and without staining the surface, making them a highly-hygienic alternative to stainless steel varieties of sink and benchtop.

How Do You Care for a Granite Composite Sink?

While they are strong and tough, granite composite sinks do not require any special care or attention. Because they are extremely durable the chances of stone and granite sinks chipping or cracking due to routine use is almost unheard of you can treat granite sinks like standard stainless steel varieties.

Requiring only household cleaning sprays and materials to clean, granite sinks require minimal costs to keep in the best condition possible. To find out more about the benefits of granite sinks, or our other products including concrete grey sinks, get in touch with us using the chat widget in the bottom right corner.