Twin Shower

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As one of the major shower types, Twin Shower is one of the popular options. MyHomeware offers a wide range of colour options for customers, including brushed yellow gold, gunmetal Grey, black & Rose gold, black & yellow gold, brushed nickel, chrome and black twins shower to fulfill the Australian needs. Please note that some twin showers like chrome and black twin showers provide options within matching mixers and square taps.

Why Twin Shower Should Be Chosen

Twin shower allows you to choose the way of bath you want. Unlike the traditional shower type, the twin shower allows you to experience two different ways of washing your body. For different styles of bathrooms, MyHomeware provides several showerheads with multi-functions to meet the customers’ needs. Customers can make their preferred shower in terms of the shape, size, colour at our website. If there is no product that meets customers’ needs, our valuable customers can choose to customize your own twin shower head. All of the materials used in our product comes with a quality guarantee at our best price. All of our products are Australian standard approved. 

FAQ About Twin Shower

In the twin shower system, how do you divert water from the fixed shower to hand-held shower?

To solve your problem, all you need is just turning the diverter to the mode you want, and you can enjoy your bath as soon as possible.

Is it hard to install the twins shower head?

The showerheads are very easy to be installed.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about the sales, product or any other issues about the twin shower. MyHomeware customer specialists will reply as soon as possible with our passion. Please keep in mind that we are always here for help.