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We offer bathtub in a wide range of sizes, shapes and materials. You can shop for an oval, rectangular, cast iron, enamelled steel, or acrylic bathtub to match the style of your family bathroom. Plus, we offer you a very good price on every tub. You can shop online directly and we will ship Myhomeware bathtub to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and all other locations across Australia.

Now, search for the perfect bathtub and bathtub accessories in our large range of high-quality bathtubs:

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It is difficult to find your favorite bathtub among so many kinds of bathtubs? Now, click on the bathtub category: freestanding bathtubs, back to wall bathtubs, corner bathtubs, drop-in bathtubs, bathtub accessories, and find the bathtub you need by subcategory.

Why Choose MyHomeware Bathtubs?

Having supplying baths and tubs for years, we know how important the product can be to the peace of mind of our customers across Australia. The shape, material and color of the product can influence the experience of using the product. The product of different shape, material can create a different feeling. Made from resilient and modern materials, our baths and bathtubs enhance the home environment and come in a number of styles to suit the individual tastes and requirements of our customers. If you want the product in other shapes like oval or a rectangular shape, you can search them directly in searching case. Also, if you want to your bathroom more colorful or unique by a different bathtub, search for the product at MyHomeware, and you will find some more than just white bathtubs. By providing a range of baths and tubs we are able to meet all needs of customers.

Designed to be evocative and functional, our selection of bathtubs come from renowned manufacturers, ensuring that our valued customers can select good-quality baths with the lowest price. According to your budget, you can search for the right tub at MyHomeware and shop online. You can get in touch with us to learn more about the price before you search for and shop for the product.

In addition, we provide on time delivery. Whether you live in Sydney, Melbourne, or Brisbane, our bath tubs can be shipped to you without delay. You can also get in touch with us to learn more about our product and delivery.

FAQs about Bathrooms baths

What length do baths come in?

When looking for a new bathtub you want to ensure that it isn’t too long that it dominates the rest of the bathroom, or it doesn’t even fit! Generally speaking, a 180-cm-long modern standard tub is able to comfortably fit everyone in the family, from kids to adults.

How to measure a bathtub size before buying it?

The first step is to measure the length, width and height of the space where the bathtub is placed. Please note that if bathtub is near the door, you need to leave space to rotate the door. The second is to measure the length and width of the inside of the bathtub. Please measure from the left to the right, moving down the middle of the bathtub to measure the two furthest points. To find the soaking depth of the bathtub, measure the deepest part of the inner wall of the bathtub from the bottom to the overflow. The last thing is to measure the height and width of all porches and corridors to ensure that your new bathtub can be easily used in your bathroom on the day of delivery.

What is a spa bath?

Often seen as the ultimate luxurious experience, the spa bath uses jets of air to create a more relaxing bathing experience. More for enjoyment rather than washing, the intensity of the jets is controlled via knobs on the rim of the spa bath.

Now, shop for baths and the product you want at MyHomeware. You can buy the product and the item at a good price. 

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