Bathroom Renovation

Since starting our homeware supply business years ago the skilled and knowledgeable team at MyHomeware have aimed to help our customers across Australia achieve their vision for their living environment. As industry leaders who are passionate about delivering the best products to homeowners we believe that you should not be complacent with the way your home looks.

Whether you have just moved into a new property, or you are currently in a place, the decision to conduct a bathroom renovation should not be taken lightly. With our innovative, advanced, and stylish range of products and bathroom accessories homeowners throughout Australia, from Sydney, to Brisbane, and even Melbourne, have the ability to shape their bathroom to their desires and in their own style.

Able to supply all types of elegant, stylish, and functional bathroom products, the team at MyHomeware can help our customers redo their entire bathroom space, from top to bottom. Made by renowned manufacturers and available at affordable prices, homeowners can complete the bathroom renovation of their dreams for an affordable price thanks to MyHomeware!

Bathroom Renovation Sydney

No matter where you are in Australia MyHomeware knows that you want the best from your bathroom environment. Committed to providing all of our customers with the highest-quality bathroom experience from start to finish Sydney residents can trust our experts to provide them with all that they need to transform their bathroom according to their vision.

Innovative and making optimal use of the available space, our products can be seamlessly installed promptly and safely, helping homeowners shorten the amount of time spent renovating their bathroom. From shaped mirrors, to vanity units, and even including intelligent toilets, our products are able to modernize your bathroom and ensure that it meets your tastes and requirements without sending you over your allotted budget.

How do you Plan a Bathroom Renovation?

Even if the project is limited and more on the small side, it is still 100% necessary to go in with a detailed plan to prevent unnecessary expenditure on corrections and to ensure that you get the right products and installations for the dimensions and the layout of your bathroom.

Before beginning works, homeowners should prepare for the renovations by:

  1. Planning all aspects of their desired renovation
  2. Making a decision on the design and décor style
  3. Selecting the right tiling to suit the design
  4. Adhering to your selected budget limit
  5. Remaining organised throughout the renovation

From shower heads, to tapware, MyHomeware is your one-stop shop for a successful bathroom renovation experience.

Can You Renovate Your Own Bathroom?

While certain elements of the bathroom renovation (installation of vanity units, tiling, shower screens, and shaving cabinets) can be installed by the homeowner when it comes to installations that require knowledge of plumbing it is strongly suggested that a certified, licensed, and experienced plumber complete those works.

Make the best choice when conducting a bathroom renovation by trusting the team at MyHomeware to supply you with everything you need to get the job done to schedule and budget. Find out more about our full range of products by calling us on 02 8850 1111 or on 02 8006 8873.