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Toilet paper holders keep toilet paper from rolling all the way and provide a handy usage for the toilet issue. Here comes a variety of MyHomeware Toilet Paper Holders Accessories, ranging from different shapes and materials. You can find the one that most matches your toilet at a competitive price.
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Stylish And Durable Toilet Paper Holder Accessories

Here you can find luxurious toilet paper holders made of differently durable and stable material like 304 stainless steel and brass-zinc alloy. These materials have a superior corrosion resistance to rust creating a contemporary and stylish look to toilet suites. 
MyHomeware has a large variety of toilet roll holders in different styles and finishes, available in popular paints like chrome, gold yellow, nickel, gunmetal grey, and matt black. Also, there are single or double holders for toilet rolls at MyHomeware. While single holders create a simple way to present toilet paper, double holders present twice the amount of toilet paper and save time refilling paper rolls, which is suitable for the restaurant and cafe bathrooms with a larger volume of toilet usage. What’s more, some of them come with a plate to hold small belongings. Users can put a mobile phone or keys on the plate for convenience. 
Though all of the toilet paper holders are made of similar materials, they come in different shapes, including triangle, bar shape, rectangle. You can definitely pick one to design your stylish toilet corner. 
Each toilet paper holder comes with the required installation hardware. It’s quite easy and quick to install and ready to use. Don't delay - the beautiful toilet paper roll holders can be yours at MyHomeware everyday low price. Order now!

FAQ About Toilet Paper Holder Accessories

Where should be placed a toilet paper holder?

Ideally, it should be positioned within arms' reach at about waist height, in front of where you sit. Nobody likes having to stretch and contort to reach for toilet paper!

How do you install a toilet paper holder?

If you need help to mount MyHomeware toilet paper holders on the wall, please contact us via Live Chat for further instructions.

No matter what sizes the toilet paper holder accessories are, MyHomeware provides delivery and warranty service to users all around Australia. We also ship and cover other bathroom supplies like Towel Rails, Assist & Ambulant Accessories and Toilet Suites. Please feel free to contact us if there is any question. MyHomeware is always here for help.