Towel Dryers

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Take the shiver off of your towels in the freezingly-cold winter months thanks to the premium heated shower rails on offer from the homeware supply experts at MyHomeware! Drawing on years of first-hand supply experience and knowledge we are proud to stock products of the highest quality and standard for the best levels of customer satisfaction.

Perfect for chilly mornings, our heated towel racks heat up your damp and dry towels, helping to warm you up after a shower and dry you off. The height of luxury and comfort, heated towel racks turn your standard bathroom into an indulgent and pleasurable space.

For more information about our extensive range of products, including shower rails, in wall toilet packages, under mount basins, and corner bathtubs, get in touch with us using the chat widget in the bottom right corner.

Towel Dryers

What is the Best Location for Towel Dryers?

Are you struggling to find the right space for your heated towel dryer? To maximize the space in your shower and facilitate comfy post-shower, the wall spots close to bathtub or shower are highly recommended to mount towel dryers. Don’t forget to figure out the right size of heated towel dryer to fit in your room space! Enjoy the great control over shower experience thanks to the advice and guidance on offer from MyHomeware!

Can You Heat A Bathroom with a Towel Rail?

While used primarily to heat the towels resting on the rails, the heated towel rails from MyHomeware can also heat some bathrooms. Depending on the size of the bathroom, and the amount of heated towel rails that are installed, homeowners can indirectly heat their bathrooms through the operation of their towel rails. Made for use in Australian bathrooms, our selection of heated towel rails provides Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney locals with relief from the cold, and for an affordable price. Upgrade your bathroom today by trusting the experts at MyHomeware!

Should Heated Towel Rails Be Left On?

Before purchasing a heated towel rack, homeowners should be aware of the fact that they draw power and contribute to the overall utility bill of the property. Completely safe and operating at temperatures that don’t present a combustion risk, towel rails can be left on without the fear of setting the bathroom on fire. If you are concerned about the impact that heated towel rails will have on your energy bill, consider attaching a timer to the rail to shut off power after a certain period of time.