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Thinking of replacing a square top for your vanity? MyHomeware Poly Tops may be your choice! On this page, MyHomeware supplies poly tops in different sizes and styles to most suit any bathroom.

Things You Need To Know About Poly Tops

Poly tops are made of durable polymarble, which is one of the best materials for vanity tops, a basin, and other bathroom products. Polymarble material is resistant to stains and chemicals. It is very helpful for daily cleaning and maintenance. 
As you can see, MyHomeware provides poly tops in many different styles. Some of them are small rectangle tops. Some of them are in regular size but with a Narrow width. We also have the large poly tops leaving more countertop space for makeup and shaving tools. You can definitely choose your favourite one to fit your bathroom at MyHomeware competitive prices! 
All of the poly tops have a rectangle opening. However, the bottom shapes are a bit different which you may need to consider before purchase. Some of the poly tops come with a rectangular bottom, which is helpful for soaking or washing due to the cubic capacity. The others are with a relatively round bottom, which is easy to clean due to the smooth edge.

FAQ About Poly Tops

Are these poly tops coming with taps or pop up waste?

These poly tops come with the tops only. Taps and waste need to be purchase additionally if necessary. But don’t worry. MyHomeware has relatively competitive prices for all products. You can buy what you want at a lower price over the market.

What’s the difference between ceramic tops and poly tops?

While ceramic tops are usually for custom vanity tops and bring out traditional looks, poly tops are for solid surface vanity tops.

MyHomeware has been always happy to provide excellent services for delivery and warranty. All of the poly tops are totally able to be shipped all across Australia and all of them come with a warranty. We have been striving to create an integrated and wonderful experience for every single household.
Apart from poly tops, Myhomeware also provides Ceramic Tops and Pop Up Waste for tops to help figure the vanity issues out.