Freestanding Vanity With Kickboard

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As one of the leading bathroom supplies companies, MyHomeware has been providing sufficient vanities in regards to sizes, materials, colours and textures. Specifically, let’s introduce you to the Freestanding Vanity with Kickboard Vanities.

Good To Have Freestanding Vanity With Kickboard Vanities

These freestanding vanities with Kickboard would be a great addition to any bathroom as it is concealed in a box and it is easily compatible with any bathroom style. You can totally find the one that perfectly fits your bathroom. MyHomeware provides vanities with 6 standard sizes and 5 textures for these vanities. Each vanity comes with a top. However, some large vanities come with two tops within one package, meeting the demands of the families who need twin tops in the bathrooms. 
The variety of vanity tops and basins will also help you create a highlighted point of style in your new bathroom. The vanity top is available in the traditional poly-marble, ceramic, and now also in stone finishes. You can even mix the two with a stone top and an above counter basin.
Various widths (460mm and 360mm) and depths of cabinets, tops and basins will help create a functional and stylish solution for you and your family’s needs. If you are not sure about the quality and colours of the vanities and stone tops, you can order some colour sample of vanities and stone top first to see if it is as expected. 

FAQ About Freestanding Vanity With Kickboard Vanities

Should i need to assemble Freestanding Vanity With Kickboard Vanities at home?

The vanity is assembled and ready to use when it is delivered. Normally it should be delivered in a package of vanity and poly/ ceramic top. You don’t have the hard work to set the vanity up.

What is a freestanding bathroom vanity?

A freestanding vanity is able to be pleasing in any size bathrooms. It can be the attraction in the middle of any large master bathrooms or be a nice match with the bathroom tub to dominate the bath space.

Vanity units are now not only available in the traditional floor models with a kickboard or with legs, but now can be wall mounted making cleaning a breeze. MyHomeware provides Australia wide delivery for the vanities that is no longer than 900mm in length. Vanities longer than 900mm in length are delivered to Sydney ONLY for the safety issue.