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Don’t settle for the mundane or the standard option when selecting the homewares to be installed in your home, find the most exciting solutions and products on the market thanks to the industry experts at MyHomeware. Since starting our business we have proudly stoked homewares of the highest standards of design and quality to deliver a level of customer satisfaction that we would expect ourselves.

One of the most-used features of the home, the choice of toilet should not be neglected or overlooked. Secured to the wall, our selection of wall toilets provide homeowners in Melbourne, Brisbane, and Sydney with a contemporary and comfortable toilet that will make a huge impact to the décor and design of the home. From toilets to heated towel rails, enhance your home thanks to MyHomeware.

In Wall Toilet

Do you want more from your toilet? Get rid of bulky toilets and exposed plumbing forever thanks to the toilet solution professionals at MyHomeware. Concealing the cistern and the pipes behind the wall, in wall toilets reduce the visible size of the toilet without effecting its efficiency.

Whether you are in Melbourne, Brisbane, or Sydney an in wall toilet from MyHomeware is the perfect addition to your home that will increase your quality of life. To expand the style of your home with our supplies, including bespoke basin mixers, speak to our helpful team today.

Are Wall Mounted Toilets a Good Idea?

Besides being an aesthetically appealing and stylish option that will give your bathroom a futuristic edge, wall mounted toilets have a number of other benefits. Instead of having to clean around bulky pipes and into tight corners, homeowners can clean directly underneath the system thanks to the free space underneath. Also, the lack of infrastructure making direct contact with the ground keeps the floor helps keep the floor dry.

How Much Space Do You Around a Toilet?

While the room that the toilet is in doesn’t need to be excessively large, there needs to be a minimum amount of space around the toilet itself. Necessary for repairs, cleaning, or replacing a toilet system, the standard amount of space around the toilet is roughly 40cm from the centre of the bowl.

Make the right choice when looking for a homeware supplier by trusting the experts at MyHomeware. For everything including the kitchen sink get in touch with us using the chat widget in the bottom right corner.