Wall Floor (Faced) Pan Toilet

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Concerning replacing a new toilet with a P-trap/ S-trap connected to the wall/ the floor? MyHomeware can help! Here you can find Wall Pan or Floor Pan Toilet with your favourite flush mode.

Models for Wall Floor (Faced) Pan Toilet

As we have talked about above, the Wall Floor (Faced) Pan Toilets can be with a P-trap linked to the wall or an S-trap linked to the floor, which is totally based on your preference.
What’s more, these toilets also come with different models of a specific function. “Rimless” mode toilets give an easy cleaning experience, while “Tornado” mode toilets create super silent flushing. We also provide the traditional boxed rim toilet pans and the toilet pans especially for the seniors or for the people who need special care. Too many types to figure out? Don’t worry. MyHomeware has added a special label on the product image to help you clarify all the functions as well as the sub-menu on the left-hand side menu. Please feel free to click on it and have a look. 
Please note that MyHomeware provides an Australia-wide delivery service and don’t worry about the postal issue.

FAQ about Wall Floor (Faced) Pan Toilet

What is the difference between Rimless and Boxed Rim toilets?

While Rimless Toilet Pans are the hygienic design without the inside rim, the Boxed Rim toilets are the traditional toilet with the rim inside.

Is the Wall Floor (Faced) Pan Toilet ready for the next flush?

The toilet is ready for the next flush. What Can Go Wrong If the fill valve is not adjusted properly, the level of water in the tank may climb too high, which causes water to spill over into the overflow tube.

MyHomeware retails a wide range of pan toilets, including Wall Floor Pan Toilets, Wall Hung Pan Toilets and Intelligent Toilets. Also we supply the Inwall Toilet Packages with pan toilets, cisterns and flush buttons. As usual, MyHomeware has been making every effort to create easy shopping for customers.