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Want to replace some parts of the toilet? The Toilet Parts sector offers you separate parts for your toilet. MyHomeware provides individual replacement with competitive prices. Please feel free to click on the below items or click on the side menu for your preferred parts.
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What Toilet Parts Refer To 

Toilet parts refer to the small accessories of a toilet. There are a range of little parts for a toilet, including traps, press buttons for water toilet tanks, push buttons for cisterns and bidet diverters.
For the toilet push buttons, MyHomeware offers them in plates with glass, stainless steel or ABS, coming with a variety of brushed metal finishes. Some of these dual toilet push buttons are in two circles and some are in squares. Some of the buttons come with trim while some don’t. Therefore, you can choose the one with your favorite plate, finish and style.

FAQ about Toilet Parts

What are the push buttons of Toilet Parts?

The push buttons are the dual buttons to control water flushing from the cistern into the toilet bowl. These are only compatible with the toilet with sanitary installation concealed in the wall.

Is the bidet diverter as a Toilet Parts suitable for my toilet?

MyHomeware bidet diverters have complied with the Australian standards, so it should be suitable for toilets under the Australian standards.

We cover all of these Toilet Parts for warranty and delivery throughout Australia.  
MyHomeware has been committed to providing high-quality products and services for an affordable price to satisfy the demand of Australian families. We have been trying to cover most of the bathroom supplies that a family may need to generate a “One-stop” shopping to fulfill customers’ needs, from tapware to smart home devices