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Are you after a modern and streamlined toilet for your home? Hide all the pipes and plumbing from view and give your toilet a sparkling and contemporary appearance thanks to the toilet supplies and solutions on offer from MyHomeware.

At MyHomeware we believe that a toilet should not be exempt from looking elegant and stylish. By concealing the cistern behind the wall our selection of affordably-priced in wall toilet suites elevate mundane and generic toilets into a fresh and exciting space.

Sydney residents wanting more than in wall toilets can find all that they need to complete their home under our roof. From the latest tapware, to black stainless steel laundry sinks, we can help you shape your home to your image or vision.

How Do Back to Wall Toilets Work?

Installed directly to the wall, back to the wall toilets are a more aesthetically-pleasing alternative to standard toilets. By hiding the cistern and plumbing homeowners can reduce the space profile of their toilet, reducing the feeling of claustrophobia when using the system, especially in small spaces and rooms.

Despite looking dramatically different to traditional toilets, back to wall toilets function the same way, ensuring that should a fault or blockage occur, plumbers won’t be left scratching their head. Whether you are after a new toilet suite, or concrete sinks, we can supply it to you without delay.

What is the Best Comfort Height Toilet?

Don’t feel uncomfortable on the toilet by ensuring that it is installed at the right height. Known in the industry as “comfort height” the standard height for toilet seats in Australia is approximately 50 cm from the ground.

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