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Geberit Framed Inwall Concealed Cistern Sigma8-F & Push Button For Wall Hung Pans

$737.00 $731.00
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Geberit Frameless Inwall Concealed Cistern Sigma8 & Push Button For Wall Floor Faced Pans

$590.00 $431.00
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Geberit Kappa Frameless Inwall Cistern & Kappa Button Suitable for Major Back to Wall S OR P TRAP Toilet Pans Top/Front Flush Available

$590.00 $431.00
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Geberit Kappa-F Framed Inwall Cistern & Push Button Suitable for Wall Hung Toilet Pans Top or Front Flush Available

$837.00 $731.00
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Have you been searching for a more efficient and effective toilet for your home? Are you put off purchasing a new toilet because of high costs? Find the best solution for the best price thanks to the solutions on offer from the experts at MyHomeware.

Boasting a cutting-edge and responsive design and flushing system the Geberit toilets we have in stock are widely regarded as elite within the industry. Making efficient use of available water the Geberit makes use of a specially-designed flushing system that also operates at a lower volume compared to other toilets on the market.

Available at affordable prices, MyHomeware is proud to stock these toilets for our valued customers. Whether you are in Melbourne, Brisbane, or Sydney our Geberit toilets are ready to be sent to your home. Along with Geberit varieties we stock a wide range of modern toilet suites to provide our customers with a choice of toilet system based on the needs of their household.

Geberit Cisterns

Industry-renowned due to their innovative and highly-effective design Geberit cisterns are resilient and made for the modern home. Easy to install and powerful Geberit cisterns are concealed within the wall for a minimised profile and to give the appearance of more space in the bathroom.

Able to be shipped across Australia, Sydney homeowners can enjoy a Geberit cistern for themselves thanks to the team at MyHomeware. For our complete range of tapware and shower solutions get in touch with us directly!

What is Geberit Flush System?

Standing apart from other flush systems on the market today, Geberit flush systems are made for the modern home and the demands of the household. Made from corrosion-resistant and high-quality plastics and materials the valve mechanism and necessary components are able to last longer and work harder without cracking under pressure.

Experience the Geberit difference for yourself by getting in touch with the MyHomeware team today!

What is a Concealed Toilet Cistern?

As the name suggests, a concealed toilet cistern is simple a toilet that has its tank (cistern) concealed in some way for aesthetic purposes. Whether by being enclosed in a cabinet, or installed behind a wall, the concealed toilet cistern tends to free up more space in the bathroom and improve the visual appeal of environment.

Whether you are after a new toilet, or are looking to upgrade your bathroom’s mirror, MyHomeware is only a phone call away to provide you with lasting a premium solutions for affordable prices.