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Thinking about adding a stylish and minimalist toilet? MyHomeware advises you with an Inwall Toilet Cistern & Button as the cistern is hidden in the wall saving the bathroom space. Each of the following items comes with an inwall cistern and a dual flush button.

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Space Saver - Inwall Toilet Cistern & Button

An Inwall Toilet Cistern & Button adds a luxury touch to your bathroom with two buttons for you to control the water usage. A toilet cistern installed in the wall greatly maximizes the space of the bathroom especially for limited bathrooms with special care. 
MyHomeware provides a wide range of toilet push buttons with various finishes. Each dual toilet push button has two push options. One is for a half flush, the other is for a full flush. This design helps you to improve water usage efficiency.
MyHomeware selects R &T and Geberit as the two main cistern brands in a wide range of toilet products as they have the high quality of toilet cisterns as well as competitive prices. These toilet cisterns are easy to install, virtually maintenance-free and approved by the Australian standards.

FAQ about Inwall Toilet Cistern & Button

What is an Inwall Toilet Cistern & Button?

An inwall toilet cistern & button is designed to enable water to be flushed down from the cistern in controlled amounts. An inwall toilet cistern & button usually comes with 2 buttons that release different volumes of water, one smaller one that has been designed for water waste and one larger for solid waste.

Why does the Inwall Toilet Cistern & Button have two buttons?

The dual flush plate has two options to operate the flush, a half flush and a full flush. The primary reason for its use is water conservation.

Interested in the Inwall Toilet Cistern & Button? MyHomeware delivers all of the inwall Toilet Cistern & Button throughout Australia with fast delivery. If you have any other concerns, please feel free to contact us.