White Tapware

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Find the homewares you need that complement your tastes and your home’s décor thanks to the advanced and innovative products on offer from the experts at MyHomeware. Coated in a smooth and flawless paint, our range of white tapware comes in different styles and designs to match existing interior décor, or to help homeowners across Australia add a sense of character to their home.

From bathrooms, to kitchens, and including laundries, our premium-quality and competitively-priced white tapware can easily be installed without stress and securely. Along with our strikingly white tapware MyHomeware proudly supplies a number of other products, including kitchen sinks, to complete the look and feel of homes in Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne.

To transform your bathroom from mundane to magnificent get in touch with the industry experts at MyHomeware. For tapware, bathtubs, or even wall hung toilets, get in touch with us using the chat widget in the bottom right corner.

How Do You Clean White Tapware?

Being coated in a unique and resilient white paint, homeowners may feel as though white tapware requires special care and attention. Made to last in the modern home, white tapware can be cleaned using household cleaning products. To ensure that it maintains its spotless and aesthetically-pleasing appearance it is recommended that white tapware is cleaned after every use. Complementing modern basin units, white tapware completes the look and functionality of your home and for an affordable price.

What is the Most Popular Colour for Bathrooms?

Long gone are the days that bathrooms had to be white. With evolving trends in fixtures and interior décor the rules on what colours can be used have changed considerably, even in just the last few years. Besides white and chrome, gunmetal, copper, magenta, and powder blue are all used to great effect in the modern bathroom environment.