Black Bath Spout

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Perfectly-suited and designed for the modern Australian home, MyHomeware’s range of beautiful black bath spouts add definition and class to standard bathrooms, while also increasing the visual appeal and elegance of the space.

Coated in a matte black finish our collection of black bath spouts immediately elevate bathrooms across Australia thanks to their rich and post-modern appearance. This appeal is increase especially when paired with a set of black tapware. Give your home the care and attention it deserves thanks to the experts at MyHomeware.

How Do You Care for Black Bath Spouts?

Unlike other fixtures and tapware products, black tapware cannot be cleaned with harsh chemicals or products, otherwise the finish will degrade and cause the colour to fade from the black spout. Instead, homeowners should use a mixture made up of soap and mild water. After using a soft cloth for cleaning the tapware should then be dried off completely. This method should be used when cleaning products with a matte surface, including our black shower heads.

How Does a Bath Spout Work?

Made to channel the water from the pipe to the bathtub, bath spouts allow homeowners to ensure that not a drop of water gets wasted. Controlled by responsive tapware, bath spouts allow homeowners to change the flow and temperature of the water according to their tastes and preferences.