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At MyHomeware we believe that a home should reflect the desires and the tastes of the homeowner. From the toilet suite, to the tapware, we strive to supply all of our customers living throughout Australia with premium homeware solutions at affordable prices.

Designed to give homeowners control over their water flow when they run the bath, our selection of bath spouts come in a wide range of rich colours and finishes that are full of character and specifically made for the modern bathroom. Combined with the right sink, our water spouts completely change the look and feel of the space and for an affordable price.

What is a Tub Spout with Diverter?

Necessary when you have bath/shower combo installations, tub spouts with diverters send the water back up the spout and into the shower system, ensuring that the water is diverted to the shower head for a comfortable and complete shower.

Along with bath spouts, MyHomeware proudly stock a number of other products, including shower heads, to ensure that your washing and bathing experience is the best that it can be.

What Are the Different Types of Tub Spouts?

There are two types of bathtub spouts to consider for installation. Homeowners can choose from a diverter variety that sends the water back up the spout for use in a connected shower, or a non-diverter type that simply sends the water out of the spout and into the tub.

Make the right choice when renovating or redoing your home by trusting the luxurious and affordable products on offer from MyHomeware.