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Welcome to the sector of Wall Top Assemblies Tapware!
In this sector, you can find the wall top assemblies for your taps and faucets, which can be used for bath, shower or basin. To fully satisfy every household’s needs, MyHomeware provides wall top assemblies in different styles, ranging from classic to contemporary style, from 1/4 turn to 360-degree turn ceramic disc valve. Please check with the below items that may meet your needs. 
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What is Wall Top Assemblies Tapware Used For

Unlike mixer taps, these wall top assemblies are separate with faucets, controlling hot and cold water by twisting the taps in 90 or 360 degrees. In this Top Assemblies sector, MyHomeware lists a variety of styles such as the Mediterranean style and the Mideast style, the classic style and the contemporary style. You may be interested in the one with a quarter-turn disc cartridge, or get used to the regular one with total turns. What’s more, MyHomeware supplies not only round pin and rectangular levered taps but also circular and adorable ones. You can try something fancy to “suit up” your bathroom.
These wall taps have complied with the Australian standards, which should work within regular Australian households and buildings.

FAQ about Wall Top Assemblies Tapware

Is the wall top assembly compatible with my existing spout?

MyHomeware has been selling professional tapware that followed the Australian standard for years. So if your plumbing structure fulfills the Australian standard, the wall top assembly you interested in should work with your existing spouts.

Can I replace my tap set of a faucet and wall mixer with this separate wall top assembly tapware?

If your tap set is mounted into the wall, it may need to be inspected by a licensed plumber as it is involved with tiles and splashback arrangement.

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