Black Shower Mixer

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Are you wanting to turn your standard and bland shower into an opulent and luxurious environment that complements the décor and design of your bathroom? Find exactly what you are looking for, or be inspired, by the refreshing and stylish solutions on offer from the experts at MyHomeware.

Competitively-priced and made for contemporary homes our beautiful collection of black shower mixers give our customers complete control over their shower experience, as well as the style and aesthetic of their bathroom as a whole. Complementing your shower heads, our shower mixers come to your ready for installation.

Coated in a rich matte black paint, our modern and expressive black shower mixer add colour and definition to your otherwise white environment. While we are based in Sydney, our black shower mixers and taps are available to ship to Melbourne, Brisbane, and elsewhere across Australia. Find exactly what you need to bring out the best in your shower with MyHomeware.

Black In Wall Mixer

Increase the attractiveness and appeal of both your shower and your bathroom as whole thanks to advanced and innovative solutions and products in stock at MyHomeware. Available in a number of distinct and visually striking styles and designs our black in wall mixers give modern homes an unmistakable contemporary edge.

Perfect for homeowners throughout Sydney, our black in wall mixers are competitively-priced, durable, and fashionable, guaranteeing that your bathroom remains trendy and relevant for years to come. Along with black in wall mixers we proudly stock freestanding bath mixers, and a range of other advanced homewares.

Black Shower Tap

Do you want to give your bathroom or shower its own unique style or personality? Bring definition to your bathroom thanks to the indulgent black shower taps from MyHomeware. Designed and fabricated by renowned manufacturers in the industry our beautiful black shower taps give Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne locals the best value for money, and a tap that can last through decades of daily use.

Water and heat-resistant, our black shower taps hold their colour, don’t look cheap, and can withstand rusting or deteriorating. Find the right style of shower taps for the right price thanks to the hands-on and knowledgeable team at MyHomeware.

How Much Water Does a Mixer Shower Use?

Are you wanting to reduce your impact on the environment? Do you want cheaper water bills? Enjoy a greater level of water efficiency everytime you jump into the shower thanks to MyHomeware. Designed for increased convenience and to be more economical, mixer showers tend to use less water than traditional showers.

Depending on the water pressure that your home is supplied with, mixer shower use, on average, between 5 to 30 litres of water per minute. Flow restrictors can also decrease this amount, as well as taking shorter showers.

What Is the Difference Between Mono and Mixer Taps?

Both operating on the same lever and ball joint system, mono and mixer taps allow users to regulate the temperature and the flow of the water coming out of the spout through shifting the angle and direction of the lever.