Gunmetal Kitchen Tapware

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Are you after tapware for your kitchen that is full of personality and matches your own personal tastes and the décor of your property? Don’t settle for the standard fixtures; find exactly what you are looking for thanks to the hands-on and knowledgeable team at MyHomeware!

Boasting a detailed and striking coating, gunmetal grey kitchen tapware immediately gives your kitchen a modern appearance, while conveying a sense of order and tidiness. Easy to clean and maintain our high-quality gunmetal kitchen tapware allows Sydneysiders to fully enjoy their kitchen environment without going over-budget or compromising their vision.

To ensure that we deliver a service that ticks all the right boxes we stock our gunmetal kitchen tapware in a variety of visually-distinct styles to suit all tastes. Made from premium materials and designed to last, our tapware will provide decades of continued use without fail or fault.

For more information about our expressive and reliable homewares, including shower headsbidetsshaving cabinets, or floor wastes, feel free to give our helpful team a call on 02 8850 1111 or on 02 8006 8873.

How Does a Single Handle Tap Work?

With advances and developments in tapware technology and design, kitchen, bathroom, and laundry taps have increased in innovation, ease of use, functionality, and efficiency. With more and more households making the upgrade to sink mixers it is important for homeowners to understand how these systems function.

Operating on a level and ball mechanism, single handle taps pivot between hot and cold water, allowing users to control the temperature, and level of flow, from one handle. Intuitive and easy to use, single handle taps help homeowners conserve water and prevent waste. The design of the tap also reduces the likelihood of dripping spouts. Improve your home today thanks to MyHomeware!

What is the Difference Between Kitchen and Bathroom Taps?

At MyHomeware it is our ambition to provide our customers with all the homewares that they will need to update and upgrade their homes, and for affordable prices. Given that they perform the same function it is understandable that customers may find themselves in a position where they are planning on using kitchen taps in the bathroom, or vice versa.

While there are similarities between the two and in most cases you can smoothly install a kitchen tap into a bathroom, in some cases the kitchen tap may be a larger size than the allocated hole. If this is the case the homeowner will have to modify the sink to cater for the fixture.

Bring out the best in your home thanks to the advanced and detailed solutions and products on offer from the experts at MyHomeware!