Brushed Kitchen Tapware

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Do you want to make an impression with your tapware? Do you want taps that aren’t boring and complement the style and layout of your home’s kitchen area? Save time and money thanks to the advanced, innovative, and aesthetically-pleasing products on offer from the industry experts at MyHomeware.

With years of experience supplying premium homewares to homeowners throughout Sydney and beyond we stock only the best products for the best results that our customers can trust to last.

Beautiful, stylish, and made to withstand daily use, our selection of brushed kitchen tapware gives the kitchen sink a sense of definition and texture that is lacking from many contemporary homes and environments. Avoid having the same kitchen as everyone else by getting in touch with the helpful and friendly professionals at MyHomeware!

How Do I Choose a Tap?

Don’t spend money on tapware that isn’t right for your home or business, make an informed decision thanks to the hands-on and knowledgeable industry experts at MyHomeware!

When purchasing a new set of taps or tapware for your home several considerations must be taken into account including:

  • The dimensions of the tap hole
  • The style that you wish to have in your home
  • What water pressure you have in your home
  • What finish you desire
  • What material is the tap made of?

Don’t rush the tap selection process. Make the best choice for your home thanks to the helpful and friendly team at MyHomeware. Give us a call today on 02 8850 1111 or on 8006 8873.

What Metal Are Taps Made From?

While the overwhelming majority of kitchen, laundry, and bathroom taps have a chrome coating and appearance, beneath the surface they are more often than not made from highly-resilient brass. Resistant to corrosion from water and able to deliver decades of faithful service without deterioration, brass taps are a cost-effective inclusion into the home that have a long life and won’t break.

Not just limited to tapware, MyHomeware lives up to our name and proudly offers a wide range of advanced and innovative products for purchase. From floor drains, to handheld showersgranite sinks, and laundry tubs, our customers can find what they need to complete their homes from us.