Wall Mixer With Diverter Tapware

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Have you ever considered saving your wall space by mixing your wall mixer and diverters in a concealed box? This section of Wall Mixers With Diverters is the one you’re after. Don't delay. Myhomeware can give you products that are competitively priced. 

How Great Is This Wall Mixer With Diverter?

Don’t take chances with the layout and style of your shower or bathroom, find exactly what you are looking for, or find the perfect inspiration from the unique and stylish advice at MyHomeware. 
Each wall mixer with diverter has a single handle and a flange diverter to control water direction. This concealed box of wall mixer and diverter is manufactured within a high-quality solid brass construction, which leaves some space off and comes with much durability. MyHomeware has a variety of tapware styles and you can choose the one that most suits your bathroom accessories style. For example, there are circle mixers with round plates and round pin, round handles of mixers and diverters, while the rectangular wall mixers come with square or rectangular flanges in different finishes. Some rectangular mixers have the classic flat handle, while the others have a curved handle.
As MyHomeware covers a wide range of bathroom supplies, you can also have a look at our Water Spouts, Handheld Showers, or Shower Heads with your favourite style and finish. 

FAQ about Wall Mixer With Diverter Tapware

What is the difference between a Wall Mixer and a Diverter?

A Wall Mixer is a lever handle to control the water volume of hot and cold water and it does not control which the water outlet should release water. A Diverter has the function to divert water to a tap, a showerhead, or a handheld shower. As the Wall Mixer with Diverter Tapware is concealed in a box, is it very difficult to install within limited space? It is highly recommended to be installed by a licensed plumber in case of water leakage and any other plumbing issues coursed from self-installation.

Which builder should I ask to install a Wall Mixer With Diverter Tapware?

Wall Mixer With Diverter Tapware is highly recommended to be installed by a licensed plumber for the plumbing and warranty issue.

As one of Australia’s leading homeware suppliers, our passionate and hands-on team proudly stock premium and aesthetically-pleasing homewares to bring out the beauty in your home.

Our Wall Mixer With Diverter Tapware can be delivered to homeowners in Melbourne, Brisbane and anywhere else throughout Australia, which allows us to collect product experience and reviews to keep improving the product appearance, function, and design. Besides, MyHomeware provides warranty service for all of the above Wall Mixer with Diverter tapware, so please feel free to browse the products and enjoy your shopping!