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Integrate the look of your bathroom and improve the comfort of your bath with these modern Floor Mixer Tapware offered by MyHomeware experts. Thanks to our years of industrial experience and our passion to bathroom supplies, MyHomeware supplies the best homeware and tapware products at the best prices.

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How great about Floor Mixer Tapware

Designed to enhance the bathtub, our freestanding bath mixers give Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney homeowners a perfect addition to their bathroom. These floor mixers are stylish and aesthetically appealing, coming with high efficiency of water usage. 
Freestanding Bath Spouts are innovated with comfort and convenience, aiming to create a luxury bath experience with reasonable prices. Based on the freestanding design, it is easy to fit in different sizes of bathrooms and bathtubs.
These tapware are coated in different paints, including chrome, matt black, gunmetal grey and brushed nickel, so you can decorate your bath with your favourite finish. MyHomeware provides not only freestanding mixers but a handheld shower coming with the floor mixers as a package.  

FAQ about Floor Mixer Tapware

How much a Floor Mixer Tapware should be higher than a bathtub?

Considered the industry standard, the suggested height of the spout is approximately 10cm above the rim of the bathtub. However, as the height of the bath spout is based on personal needs and bathroom design, it is okay to get a floor mixer tap with a slight difference to the suggested 10cm.

Can I use a Floor Mixer Tapware in the kitchen?

There are no rules dictating that you can’t use a bath mixer in the kitchen. While they generally have the one-size-fit-all hardware, the actual physical size and dimensions of the tap or mixer are different. This can lead bathroom taps to be smaller than kitchen tapware. When planning on putting a bathroom tap in the kitchen, be sure that the tap is the correct size and doesn’t look too small for space. For more info about our superior products, including drop in bathtubs, contact us using the chat widget in the bottom right corner.

MyHomeware has been striving to provide 100% satisfaction to every customer. We deliver our products to Sydney, Melbourne and any other areas around Australia. What’s more, all of the MyHomeware products come with a MyHomeware warranty. We’ve got your back and enjoy your purchase!