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Welcome to the Chrome Tapware sector, tapware with the most popular finish. Here you can find a wide range of chrome tapware in different styles, shapes and sizes. Don’t be missed. Come and have a look at the above items with your favourite chrome finish.

The Classic Chrome Tapware 

Chrome has been applied in bathrooms and kitchens as a classic and modern finish for decades. We can see laundry spouts, extendable kitchen mixer taps, washing machine taps and so on, are available with polished Chrome. 
As the most popular finish of tapware, there are a variety of styles in this sector and you can add a Japanese waterfall mixer taps with a Mideast styled wall top assembly. You can also give your bathroom a set of water spout and separate taps. Most of these are made of solid brass, stainless steel and brass-zinc alloy, so they are at a stable and durable structure. 
Coming in different shapes, users can decorate bathrooms with rectangular, circular or curved handles.
As is shown that MyHomeware has several collections, the chrome editions of each collection are listed in this sector. It is good to try some combinations of different styles. It won’t be wrong to try something new!

FAQ About Chrome Tapware  

Would Chrome Tapware be easy to get dirty?

Normally it would be easy to clean due to the polished paint.

How can I clean up the Chrome Tapware?

For regular maintenance, it is recommended to use kitchen cleaning products to wipe off the grime and grease.

Have the above items satisfied your needs? MyHomeware has excellent after-sale service and we deliver our product all over Australia. If you need help, please feel free to contact us.