Brushed Nickel Tapware

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Do you want to add something extraordinary to your tapware? Do you want the taps that don’t look boring and match the style and layout of your kitchen area? Here comes the Brushed Nickel Tapware with competitive prices to save your time thanks to the advanced and innovative products and service offered by MyHomeware experts.

The Easy-Going Brushed Nickel Tapware

With years of experience in supplying premium homeware to households throughout Sydney and beyond, we have been striving to professionally seek high-quality products with the best prices that our customers might probably need for their bathroom.
Unlike many contemporary home kitchens and office pantries, MyHomeware brushed nickel kitchen tapware gives the kitchen sink a sense of luxury and elegance. It is much easier to keep clean because the brushed nickel appearance makes fingerprints, watermarks and stains invisible.
Not limited to kitchen mixer taps, brushed nickel finish is also available for wall top assemblies, bathtub mixer and water spouts mounted on the wall or floor. If you are after the modern brushed nickel finish, it is highly recommended to have a detailed look at these products.

FAQ About Brushed Nickel Tapware

How do I choose a Brushed Nickel Tapware?

When purchasing a new set of taps or tapware for your home or office, several points have to be taken into considerations, including dimensions of the tap hole, preferable styles, water pressure of your place, desired finish, the material of taps? Don’t rush the tap selection process. Make the best choice for your home thanks to the helpful and friendly team at MyHomeware. Give us a call today on 02 8850 1111 or via Live Chat.

What metal are the Brushed Nickel Tapware made from?

While the overwhelming majority of the kitchen, laundry, and bathroom taps have a chrome coating and appearance, beneath the surface they are more often than made from highly-resilient brass. Resistant to corrosion from water and able to serve for a long time without deterioration, brass taps are a cost-effective inclusion into the home that has a life-long occupation with strong durability.

Not just limited to tapware, MyHomeware, as one of the leading bathroom supplier in Australia, proudly provides a wide range of advanced and innovative products for Australian households. From floor drains, to handheld showers, granite sinks, and laundry tubs, our customers can find what they need to upgrade their home from us.