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Are you wanting more from your kitchen, laundry, or bathroom tapware than just standard chrome? Find the right tapware that defines your tastes, interior décor, and style thanks to the advanced and aesthetic solutions and products on offer from the team at MyHomeware.

Having years of experience in the industry we ensure that our stock of homewares are modern, current, and made for contemporary living. From in-demand features such as intelligent toilets, to the latest design trends including concrete grey sinks, we take pride in the varied and versatile range of products we stock, ready for installation in homes throughout Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, and beyond.

Boasting a flawlessly-applied white finish our white basin mixers are made to last and remain stylish and beautiful, complementing the layout of your kitchen, bathroom, or laundry environment. Made for modern usage our basin mixers will streamline your household’s water usage and for an affordable price.

Is There a Difference Between Basin and Bath Taps?

When it comes to selecting taps for your bathroom, you want to ensure that your get the ones that meet your tastes and the dimensions of the environment. Often selected to suit the size of the sink or the basin, basin taps tend to be of a smaller size to bath taps.

Not only beneficial for aesthetic purposes, smaller basin taps prevent excess and waste water from splashing over the rim of the basin and onto the floor. Often boasting a smaller size and narrower spouts, basin taps can look extremely small when installed in a bathtub, and are inefficient due to less water coming through the spout.

Are All Basin Taps the Same Size?

Despite cosmetic differences, and different heights or spout lengths, for the most part basin taps are the same size, with the base fitting into a standard installation hole. This means that you aren’t locked into a particular style or type of tap or mixer, allowing homeowners to have a greater level of personalisation from their fixtures.

To find out more about the benefits of the high-quality and low-cost supplies and products on offer from MyHomeware give our helpful and friendly team a call on 02 8850 1111 or on 02 8006 8873. Whether you are after new basin mixers or an expressive bath spout we are the team for you!