Gunmetal Basin Mixer

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Be bold and get tapware that makes a statement thanks to the modern homewares on offer from the professionals at MyHomeware. Since starting our business we have aimed to provide our valued customers with exactly what they need to complete the look, feel, and function of their homes.

By stocking a wide and unique range of products, from gunmetal basin mixers, through to black bath spouts, homeowners in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and everywhere in between can gain the products they need to put their own taste of style and décor into their kitchens, bathrooms, and laundries.

Resistant to scratching and fading, our gunmetal basin mixers will not show their age or deteriorate over time, maintaining a sleek and contemporary appearance for the life of their installation.

How Do I Change a Tap Washer?

Keep your tapware safe, functioning correctly, and leak-free by ensuring that damaged washers are replaced before they cause too much water damage to your property. A small, but integral, component of the tap system, rubber washers keep the pipe below from leaking if the tap is shut off. A damaged washer will allow water to drip through.

By shutting off the water supply at the main, removing the headgear of the tap, replacing the rubber washer attached, and reconnecting it to the tap, you can prevent leaks from flooding your kitchen, bathroom, or laundry and giving you a financial headache when it comes time to pay your water bill.

So, whether for basin mixers, or shower mixers, knowing how to replace tap washers is an invaluable skill for every homeowner.

Can You Put Basin Taps on a Bath?

When it comes to tap placement and installation there are no set restrictions or rules regarding putting a kitchen tap into a bathroom. Should homeowners desire, they can even put their vanity or sink basin taps onto their bathtub if the tap fits the installation hole.

However, it is important for property homes to know that generally basin taps are smaller and narrower than bathtub taps due to the smaller dimensions of the basin. This can make the entire installation look wrong or poorly-weighted, throwing off the entire layout or aesthetic of the bathroom.

For more information about our exceptional and modern homewares such as strengthened shower screens.