Black Basin Mixer

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Just because you are wanting a basin mixer doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Bring excitement to your kitchen, bathroom, and laundry thanks to the advanced, eye-catching, and innovative solutions and products on offer from the experts at MyHomeware.

Made from the best materials and made to withstand daily use for decades, our expressive and evocative black basin mixers and black basin taps allow our customers throughout Australia to add a sense of style and colour that would otherwise be missing in their household.

Available in a number of styles and coated in durable and scratch-resistant matte black paint, Sydney locals wanting black kitchen basin mixers can find what they are looking for from us, and for an affordable price. Whether you are after round, short, waterfall, or square designs, the right mixer can change the feeling and décor of your home.

Black Basin Tap

Prevent your household from looking stale, boring, or outdated thanks to the cost-effective and high-quality tapware products stocked by MyHomeware. Made to stand out in contemporary Australian homes our selection of black basin taps brings an elegant and opulent touch to the interior environment of living environments throughout Australia.

While it may seem as though the colour of a basin tap might not make a huge difference to the style and décor of the home, the stark matte black of the tap can break up the neutral tones and colours already in the space, while adding grandeur and a rich tone to the kitchen, bathroom, or laundry.

So, if you are in Sydney and desire black kitchen or laundry tapware, get in touch with the experts at MyHomeware!

What is the Difference Between Basin and Bath Taps?

Having supplied superior products and homewares to customers across Australia for years the team at MyHomeware know the subtle differences that come with different types of tapware and fixtures. While not noticeable to the untrained eye, there are differences to basin and bath taps that become obvious once pointed out.

Often boasting a wider spout due to the nature of the environment, kitchen and basin taps expel larger volumes of water to assist with cooking and cleaning. The larger spout is also necessary given the larger size of the kitchen sink.

In direct opposition to this, bathroom taps are smaller due to the smaller size of the vanity sink or countertop. To help deliver the best solutions under one roof MyHomeware stock and supply both types of taps and for affordable prices.

What is a Flick Mixer Tap?

At MyHomeware our knowledge and practical experience in the industry has taught us that there are many names for the same product or fixture, depending on regional location or cultural background. For example: taps and faucets having different terms despite being the same plumbing fixture.

Working on the same principles as standard mixer taps, flick mixer taps operate on the lever and ball joint system that has become ubiquitous in the industry. Efficient, easy to use, and perfect for mobility-impaired homeowners and residents, flick mixer taps allow Australian homeowners to maintain a greater level of control of the water coming out of the spout.

Don’t make a rushed decision regarding the tapware or fixtures in your home: trust the experts at MyHomeware for the best products on the market. For our concrete sinks, toilets, tapware, or shower screens, get in touch with us using the chat widget in the bottom right corner.