Smeg 82cm Built in Black Ceramic Cooktop

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Designed with multiple power levels and cooking zones, the Smeg 820mm 5 Zone Induction Cooktop serves as a great cooking space for preparing different dishes using various cookware. For enhanced user safety, it has built-in automatic spillage stop, residual heat indicators, child safety locks, and touch control locks.



black ceramic surface, 12mm bevelled edge

built-in hob, topmount

820mmW x 520mmD x x 53mmH (height excludes 4mmH ceramic surface

cutout 800mmW x 490mmD


five zones —

front right*: 210x190mm 1600W | boost 1850W

rear right*: 210x190mm 2100W | boost 2500W double boost 3000W

centre: 265mm 2300W | boost 3000W

front left*: 175mm 1400W

rear left*: 175mm 1400W | boost 2000W

*These zones feature surface share

9 heat settings per zone + 1 boost settings per zone

1 auto-regulated temperatures ∫∫ 70ºC

simultaneous timers for each zone

independent egg timer controls

circular slider control

pan detection

automatic cut-off

touch-control lock

residual heat indicators

automatic spillage stop

automatic pan size recognition


two years parts and labour

• Features


Only the base area of the pan is activated by the electromagnetic field within the cooking zone so there is no wastage of power.


For precise cooking control, each zone is operated by an ergonomic circular slide control where you can choose to touch directly or finger swipe the 1 to 9 power levels with no ‘tapping’ required.


After switching off the cooktop, it’s also possible to reactivate all of the previous settings.


Each zone can be programmed for automatic cooking, where the zone heats to full power and then automatically reduces to the level you have selected. Stop-cook timers can also be activated for each zone. The STOP & GO function means you can pause the whole cooktop, and return to your previous settings if you need to leave the cooktop unattended for any reason.


For safety, Smeg’s SmartSense cooktops feature automatic spillage stop, touch control locks, child safety locks and residual heat indicators. Cooling fans ensure the temperature beneath the carcase is tempered and protects the electronic controls. And because boil-overs will not burn onto the surface, SmartSense cooktops are very easy to clean simply with a damp cloth.

Please find more details within Manuals page.

Technical Information
Installation Built-in hob, topmount
Finish Black ceramic surface, 12mm bevelled edge
Size 820W x 53mmH x 520mmD (Height excludes 4mm Ceramic surface)
Power levels ▪9 heat settings per zone + 1 boost setting per zone ▪Central zone - double boost ▪1 auto-regulated temperature ∫∫ 70ºC
Capacity 5 zones ▪ Front left* 175mm 1400W ▪ Rear Left* 175mm 1400W | boost 2000W ▪ Centre 265mm 2300W | boost 3000W ▪ Front right* 210x190mm 1600W | boost 1850W ▪ Rear right* 210x190mm 2100W | boost 2500W | double boost 3000W *These zones feature Surface Share
Controls Circular slider control
Pan size automatic pan size recognition
Safety ▪automatic cut-off ▪touch-control lock ▪residual heat indicators ▪automatic spillage stop
Power 220–240V, 50/60Hz, 7400W , 32A Must be hard wired
Warranty two years parts and labour

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