Black Granite Sinks

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Do you desire more from your kitchen space? Do you feel as though stainless steel doesn’t do the design and style of your home justice? Find what you’re looking for without settling thanks to the contemporary and luxurious sink solutions from Australia’s leading homeware suppliers at MyHomeware.

Textured, bold, and resilient, our range of evocative and striking black granite sinks transform your bland and bright kitchen into a rich and cutting-edge space that will become the focal point of your home. Along with brushed gold basin mixers homeowners can completely transform their kitchen with ease.

While we are based in Sydney our black granite sinks are available to homeowners living throughout Australia. Combined with their quality, our black granite sinks are available at affordable prices, ensuring that customers aren’t restricted by budget when overhauling their interior.

Black Stone Sinks

Explore the options when it comes to your kitchen sink thanks to varied and beautiful products ready for installation from the professionals at MyHomeware. Made for modern living and very easy to clean and maintain, our beautiful black stone sinks add a sense of depth and definition to all kitchens, no matter their size or layout.

Engineered and smooth with a textured surface, our black stone sinks add value, and elegance, to not just your kitchen, but your entire home’s interior. Whether you want a fresh new sink, or bathroom vanity unit, we can make it a reality. Give your home the care and attention it deserves thanks to the industry-leading suppliers at MyHomeware.

Do Granite Sinks Scratch Easily?

If you are looking for a superior sink that can withstand heavy usage look no further than the granite sinks from MyHomeware. Regarded by many industry professionals as the most scratch-resistant sink on the market, granite sinks hold their shape without scratching, ensuring that they look and feel amazing for decades.

Are Black Sinks a Good Idea?

While homeowners may feel safe with porcelain and stainless steel sinks, in many cases black stone sinks may be the better option. Along with the aesthetic advantages, black sinks retain their appearance for longer, don’t show up dirt as much, and require less overall maintenance.

Find the best homewares, including tapware, thanks to MyHomeware. Call us today on 02 8850 1111 or on 02 8006 8873 to speak to a helpful member of our team.