Ceramic Butler Kitchen Sinks

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Make a statement with your kitchen thanks to the premium-quality and stylish homeware solutions on offer from the experts at MyHomeware. The Butler sink has graced the worlds finest homes for over a century with its timeless, practical and beautiful design. Ideal for modern or traditional looking kitchens and available in many sizes.

No matter the style, décor, or layout of the property, Sydney locals wanting butler sinks at competitive prices can find what they are looking for from MyHomeware. Expressive, textured, and rich in character our butler sinks bring a touch of nature to your home and are built to last.

Along with our butler sinks, MyHomeware has a range of unique and modern products to complement the sink, including responsive brushed basin mixers.

Butler Kitchen Sinks

The Butler sink is a design classic. Originally made for durability and practicality, its elegant simplicity has ensured its enduring popularity.  Like all true classics, the Butler sink can be a centerpiece in almost any design scheme, from traditional to cutting-edge.

How Do You Care for a Ceramic Butler Kitchen Sink?

Regularly wash your sink with soap and water. You can prevent dirt and stains from building up in the first place by gently washing your sink after every use. Use a little dish soap and a soft, non-abrasive sponge, and rinse thoroughly with clean water.

Wipe down your sink with lemon oil. Lemon oil will help keep your sink smelling fresh, and give it a beautiful sheen. The oil also protects your sink from stains and dirty buildup. Apply a little lemon oil after your regular cleaning.

Avoid leaving anything staining in your sink overnight. Coffee grounds, tea bags, wine, and other dark or staining substances can leave permanent or hard-to-remove marks on your sink. Prevent stains by quickly removing anything that could mark your sink, and rinsing thoroughly after exposure.